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She’s Watching and LAUGHING at Elmo

June 23, 2009

Oh! Do I love this kid! She is so sweet, and so beautiful, and we have a few hours alone this evening… I just popped in Elmo, and she’s been giggling and watching it. It’s fantastic!

giggling and watching Elmo!

giggling and watching Elmo!

After a bath and some jabbering with Mama, she is full of expression… Ohh!!! They’re playing patty cake on Elmo, and she clasped her hands together during the scene! ah!

Ah! My little sweetheart.

Ah! My little sweetheart.


expressive hand gestures and jabbering

expressive hand gestures and jabbering

She was telling me SOMETHING... ;) full of jabber...

She was telling me SOMETHING...😉 full of jabber...

And yes, she is wearing an over-night training underpant, and it gives her a bubble butt under her pj’s.

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  1. June 23, 2009 6:43 pm

    ooooo she’s a cutie. My little autistic boy loves Elmo too!!! I love the photo of her smiling with her tooth missing, SO cute!!!

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