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Horizon Milk has a Funky Taste

May 9, 2009


Typically I shop at Kroger. And because I shop at Kroger, my usual choices for “organic”-yadda milk are either Naturally Preferred or Horizon. And I have noticed on the occasion that I purchase Horizon brand, instead of Naturally Preferred, that within 24-48 hours of bringing the Horizon milk home it takes on a funky taste. Not spoiled, just really funky. Funky is the best word I can come up with…. okay, one more shot, it tastes “off”.. and enough so that even Jackson has mentioned it too.

horizonSo, why? And the Naturally Preferred milk doesn’t do this….only the Horizon. I googled briefly and found somewhere someone mentioned that ultra-pasteurized milk can do this… and most of these “organic”-yadda versions of milk are ultra-pasteurized… I don’t know why, I can only figure that they run the risk of sitting on the store shelf a little longer than the traditional jugs of milk.

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